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       Never Ending Quest (Poem)

kissing ripples of love rising again

Like ripened fruit on afig

Echoing the jingles of your laughter

Still my heart weeping in forlorn

The feather of hope falling like

Shedding rippen leaven in mapple

Yellow and red thy fallen with a weep

Showing my eyes resemble the monsoon

With a weep of seperation as the

Bird's flying up in a rhythm

The rhyme of breeze wizzling

In my ears with a trumpet of winner

Where you vanished behind

the veil of destiny hidden you from me!

The weep in my heart thrusting four

walls of my heart breaking.

Still the stood as impeccable mountain

come again and dance in the blossom

Bearing the spring in my life ever!

2nd March-2007

To see full of my eyes

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An Encounter (Short story)
This is the station number -8 Villey Vilely, just three kilometer away from the main road. Pulling down the woolen blanket I peeped through the window. Cold wind blown into the Cabin every one squealed lifting my heavy air bag I stood slowly walked up to the door.
The train hissed puffing out some steam and smoke it stopped. I got down, the street lights woke up after a long sleep during the day, and the smell of smoke and the coal nearby irritated me.
“Is it the train to Incoa city”?
A melodious voice,- a voice of a woman. Scarf wrapped her head covering ears, the red lipstick suits her.
“I doubt” with a smile I said dropping m heavy bag on the floor. It settled as if a huge pig.
“The darkness swallowing the day, I am scared” she said.
“When these entire people stand around” I teased her “you are not alone here” I smiled.
She smiled, turning away her head, looking at infinity, stood idle.
“You didn’t say any thing” I tried to provoke her.
“Even in the crowd I felt being alone” She smiled. This time I saw her mirror like teeth, they shone in the street light.
“Up to an extend all of us are loners, a form of deserts. On and off, some pedestrians walk into our life as lovers. Husband, wife, children, then one fine morning left alone, A good epic”. I smiled then paused.   
“Where from” I implored.
“I am from quite far off” she said as if she is not from this universe.
“Must be foreigner” I wondered.
Not at all, a native, I am going abroad, “where?”
I asked again.
“May be, somewhere none can locate me” she bit her lips control her welling eyes.
Are you crying? I tried to console.
“No, I am trying to escape” she said.
“From whom”? I asked.
“The one I loved once, and then married,” she wiped her nose with a new hand kerchief.
I went silent for a moment.
“What about you?” she tried to smile. “Where to?” her voice was not clear.
“I am a traveler, I write on and off” I said.
“Travelogue is something exciting.” What about your family?
“Oh, my life” she is not with me now, married a Nicholas Hammad.
Nicholas hammad! Her eye brows rose, between the eye brows appeared those drops of sweats, then they slowly channelized through Nose Bridge.
I noticed, her lips shivering.
“What happened?” I asked while lit a cigar, blowing off a puff.
Silently, she murmured, “He was my husband”
A thunder and a lightning occurred somewhere.
It was in my heart. The cigar fell down. I sat helplessly on my bag.
A train arrived, lifting her bag she got in, and then a form of cloud was spreading in my bed.
V Bright Saigal
5th Mar. 2008.
Pampering Cradle (Poem)
Blowing from the west, thee murmuring;
Waking up the laughter of ripples
Fragrance pampering my heart,
 As the cradle song once saddled before;
Western breeze murmuring, when the blossom shying away,
Happiness blossomed once again
Far off at the bottom in my heart,
Turning the sky red, behind blue and vibrant
Deeply weeping the day falling once again,
Bidding farewell, warbling birds filled in the jungle
Darkness swallowing the once and again,
Smiling crescent behind the hills peeped again
Winking stars strewn across the sky smiling,
Weeping my heart still waiting,
Those pampering cradle once I laid.
V Bright Saigal
5th March 2008

                   STORIES & POEMS
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                V BRIGHT SAIGAL
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July 2006 issue…
The Rain Bow (Poem)
The rainbow in my memory still prevails
Beneath the depth of my perennial love
Ripples of laughter yet subside
Once filled my life in bosom
Fragrance spring still in the breeze
Echoing those fallen flowers, weeping
Receding my desire unto the ocean
And those unending quench submerged again
Echoing your laughter in the depth of my heart
As the jingles on the foot of a dancer
Happiness vanished beyond the horizon
Leaving the unending desire in my courtyard again
Weeping my heart and wetty eyes
Still waiting for you and that laughter
V BRIGHT SAIGAL 6th June –2006
The Shuttle Train  (Short story)
I was waiting at the railway station, a wetty, cloudy, smoggy day. Smoking a thick cigar and wearing a long coat and a thick cap I stood looking at the light post.
“ You are here quite long time I suppose” a female voice.
I turned back, wearing a knee length black suit and tilted hat a sweet woman. Any one will like her, if look at her lovely blue eyes.
“ No, just less than fifteen minutes” I
 “ I feel I missed the train to Empire,” she said.
Empire: an industrial town of the country. Thickly populated, educated and the most skilled people travels from different places to here in the early morning in the crowdie shuttle train.
“ I too waiting for the same train “ I said.
“ Thank God, I didn’t miss the train I suppose, in fact I was running” She
Leaving her heavy brief case on the platform, she opened her handbag and dug out a small had mirror and a lipstick, started applying on her lovely lips.
“ I was in hurry” again she said.
“Without this Yu are beautiful,” I said.
“ I am flattered’ she.
“ Thank you for your complements”
Widening her lips she smiled, then I felt, her lips got a form of magnetic power.
“What do you do?” She asked me.
“ I am an engineer” I
“ Engineering is a prestigious profession”
Once I wanted to be, But I lost that tempo” she.
“ Where to?” I
“ My husband is in Metropolitan. I visit now and then” she
“ Now and then? Are you still not married?” I
“ Yae, but we are not very close”
“ Husband and wife are the closest people have I ever seen” I
“ May be, but there is a cliff between us, you can say a form of apathy” She added, looking away at the light post, shining its red eye.
“ Care, it has to come from ones own heart” I added.
“ Anyhow, my life is a shuttle service, the concept of care I never seen I our relation, instead, we are just pulling the cart” she.
“ Compromise is good and he may love you more than you realize” I
“ If it was there, I would have saved the train fare” she
“ Didn’t you file for divorce?’ Again I asked
“ No’ she said…
“ But you love him” I
“ Yes, so long as this shuttle train takes me unto there” she
“ You didn’t say where he works” I
“ He is in merino hospital” she
The Merino, it shocked me.   
I too was going there. But I didn’t say. Instead, I hid my surprise with a smile, then bit the cigar, took a puff.
“ The merino, admits mental patients. I suppose,” I said.
“ Your husband must be a doctor,” I added after a pause.
She went silent, and then changed the subject.
“ Where are you to?”
She asked me
“ The same place, my wife is there” I
“ Oh!” I got a company; I am scared of going there. I am sure she must be a doctor.
“ Medical profession ids a noble profession” She said again.
But it didn’t excite me.
The train arrived from far, and stopped in front of us with a hiss.
Both of us got into different compartments.
After a week, I met her, at the corridor of the hospital The Merino. Then she was pushing a man in a wheel chair.
An unexpected encounter!
She turned her face away and hid tears.
“ See, you are not alone in this world” I tried to console her.
Without saying anything, she pushed the wheel chair through the corridor
Then, the man in the wheel chair was talking to the nearest pillar and laughing louder.
Nearby, another woman was standing. My wife. She was talking to the lamppost in the garden and crying.
V BRIGHT SAIGAL 6th June 2006.
Today’s Joke
One fine chilly morning, I went a friend’s farmhouse. The servant had come and asked me
“ What would you take sir?”
I said “ send something hot”.   I was shivering.
After ten minutes, he came with a chilled bottle Coca Cola. 


Today's Words
An Eye Contact can convince a girl
Yes -  these three words can initiate an alliance
No - these two words can proceed  a divorce
A soft touch can sooth a bereaved heart
A Signature -can end a war
Veto - these four words can kill a peace initiative
The Power of Words Never Ends
v bright saigal


The spring in my memories(Story)


By: V Bright Saigal

Sitting at the corridor I peeped through the partially opened window and hid behind a colorful window curtain swinging to and fro in the freezing wind blowing from the west, watching the falling snow flakes. The oak trees stood motionless covered with the snow, and I saw the lad buried under the now up to knee deep snow.

She was walking through the oak grove more than a half kilometer wearing a long coat, thick long gum boots and a tilted wide hat. Holding the leash of her dog with thick fur, walking in front of her occasionally hopping to avoid small gullies between the snow covered rocks.

I was waiting in that hotel more than three hours to meet her. Still I remember that day when her father refused my request to marry her. Rose, that is her name, my sweet heart. My class mate, buddy and the one I want to start my life with. Today after a long night in the court the judge declared in favour of Rose and I; leaving her ego striken father to walk through the court room and disappear in his Mercedes, never again to show.

Now she is walking through the oak grove. But she turned left in my surprise, instead of entering into the courtyard of the hotel, she walked slowly, the started to run towards the bridge. I ran from the hotel and when I reached the bridge everything was over. The dog was standing near the post looking into the violently flowing river. I saw her lovely hat slowly flowing in the river. Nothing else. Holding the leash of the dog I walked silently. Weeping for memorable days-- the days we were together.



Screen Play


The Pacific Dream ( Comedy)


Scene: 1


An Indian Hare Krishna Prasad  (HK) at the airport. Pulling his trolly he slowly walks towards the emigration counter.



How long will you be here?



Quite some time.



If you don’t return do you know what will happen?



You will send me to jail.






You will allow me to settle here.






You will send me back.




We will send you to Iraq.


HK cries loudly and runs away.





Wearing goggles, color shirt, color shorts and a cap HK and friends walk along the seashore. In swimming sleeves men and women are lying taking sun bathe. He stands in front of a girl and looks at her with a surprise, the remove goggles and sees. Slowly she lifts her knee, giving him an open view of he buttock. HK looks wide open his mouth. Suddenly an ice cream splashes on his face.




HK and friends are skating. At the red light the road turning. From opposite a cyclist. In the middle to avoid an accident with the cyclist HK turns right, skate runs on a slope road. He holds on the nearest ice cream vendor’s umbrella. The post breaks carrying the umbrella HK falls into the river from the top of the bridge with a loud cry.




A public laundry. HK collects his clothes from the washing machine. From inside the washing machine he takes out lingerie and a bra.


Counter Man

You have paid just for 8 pieces.



These two are not mine.


Counter Man

Must be your wife’s



I don’t have a wife.

You can take it.


Counter Man

Give to someone else.



This fits only an elephant.


Counter Man

Then give to your neighbor’s wife.





HK and friends in a restaurant. In a corner a single woman is sitting. HK looks at her, she smiles.





Try your luck

She seems to be single.


HK looks at her again. She smiles.


Another friend

Believe him.


HK slowly lifts his goggle and winks at her. She smiles.



I don’t know how to start a small talk.



Say hi, and then ask for an outing.



If she refuses?



These Americans love drinks.




HK near to her table.



Can I…?




Showing him a chair.



What are you doing?




Waiting for the bearer.



Are you in love?




Yae, I love coffee



Do you meet him everyday?


Whenever I need a coffee


He is lucky



Seems, he get a lot of tips.






Swimming pool. Both HK and the woman are in swimming pool. She dives into the pool.



Come on jump.



He jumps, falls like a stone wetting everyone around. After some time HK is not surfacing.





Some people rescue him. He lies in a chair. Tired.



You said you know swimming.



That is in Indian pools.

These American pools are ridiculous.



Get home soon.



What about a drink?



You have already drunken a lot from the pool.





A bar. Both HK and the woman taking drink.



You Americans don’t believe in marriage.




Who told you?

I married twice.



You guys always divorce.



Believe me, before that we marry.




A pub. Both the woman and HK are dancing. While dancing he walks on her leg. She is walking out shouting loudly. He runs to the entrance. She enters into her car.



What about marrying me?



You are not worthwhile for a divorce.

















A traffic jam. HK and a Woman in her car. Both are wearing goggles.



It seems my three months visa will finish in the traffic itself.


America is not fast.


Else how did reach in the Mars?



You don’t need a road to go there.



Have you heard of Concord?



A bird like? Noisy?



Crosses Atlantic in four hours.



Eventually ended up in a Museum.



A Street.



Yu know, Indian slums do not stink this much.



Don’t tell me.

People die there out of poverty.




Then how come we have a population?




Had the Sun a Miser, the world would have been in the cold and darkness!

Had the Sun a miser ,the world would have been in the cold and darkeness!

Had the occean a Miser there wouldn't have been any cloud in the sky!

Had the cloud a miser, there wouldn't have been raining!

Had the rain a Miser, there wouldn't have been water in the rivers!

had the rive a Miser, there wouldn't have been blosssom!

Had the plants a miser, there wouldn't have been harvest!

Then Why do you want to be a Miser? 

2nd march-2007

Short Story

The Horizon ( Short Story)

 V Bright Saigal

Sitting under the tree I looked at the western horizon. The sun is slowly submerging into the ocean. The sky turned reddish and the scattered clouds floated around as if witness the funeral of the sun. The birds are flying from the horizon dipping themselves in the crimson as if they flying up from the red lake far from the Meccava islands. A butterfly is just flying above my head, again flying up from the blossom in the garden after a sumptuous meal since morning. Its golden spots on the deep blue tint wings glistened in the evening light excited my otherwise inspiration after a long break from my country life.. The birds flying in the horizon slowly ascended towards the east in search of their nest they had discarded in the morning when the sun shown up face far behind the hills. A yellow leaf fell on my feet without giving pain, yet it pained my heart. After serving a lot the tree it retired with dignity, now lying on my feet. The grassing deer’s and stags slowly reached the tree as the grass were tall and greenery around here. Standing behind me is a huge cactus bearing flowers inviting the spring and its spirit alike. Even a frog has its own happy days, I felt. The spring near the small mountain splashed on the rock at the bottom laughed louder reflecting the last rays of te dipping sun, turned the water a little lilac and more. This is the evening I was waiting for all my hostel life yearn to reach my home. Sitting under the tree that I had planted years ago now taller than me I try to relish the beauty of our village and the sun set.

V Bright Saigal 17th Oct. 2007

An AIDS patient’s weep! (Poem) 

Prevailing death above my head;

Laughing at the hopes I ever pampered

Clouded my heart it shut the door.

Sinking my life beneath the debris,

Kindness and love deserted me long ago.

Now my bed soaking in hopelessness,

Weakening body once stood as a mountain.

Weeping today saying no more ahead,

Sinking all hopes once floated apex.

Touching the horizon turning red and dark,

Where I lost my way, a thoughtless moment, else where?

Accepting defeat I sink for ever;

Cursing the moment I lost my way.

Never again, never again!


V Bright Saigal


This is my answer to Vikram Seth.

Devnesh in Hogwarts28th May 2008/By V Bright Saigal 

Dandelion and Daisy bore flowers, filling the garden in front of Number-2 Khuller farms with an aura of forthcoming spring, after a long winter. The sky is clean and the birds and crickets happily sung songs filling the atmosphere in happiness. The sun has gone down leaving the western horizon lilac tint shaded canvass look. Sitting in his small swing in common room alone, Devnesh was looking at a lizard, a little bigger than the one he never seen before.


“Devnesh”- someone called up. He looked around, no one…

“It is me,” the lizard said. Devnesh jumped out of the swing started running.

“Don’t be scared, I am here to help you”

Devnesh stopped.

“Today an old witch will visit you” “remember, after twelve at night, don’t tell anyone”.

The lizard vanished.

The clock stricken, twelve times. Heard a noise at the door. The moon disappeared behind the dark clouds. A bat appeared in the sky, its wings were bigger and eyes looked as if burning coals. Landed in front of Devenish’s room.

“Tuck, tuck, tuck”,. Knock at the door. Devnesh opened his door. An old woman wearing tattered clothes around her shrink body , having no teeth , but one or two smiled at him.. She was holding a waling stick. Lifted her stick she hit on the floor. Fire sparked around. The she said “Devnesh, tell me if you have any wish, I will make it happen”


“I want to join Hogwarts magic school and learn magic” he said.

Today is the last day to reach there all students might have left in Hogwarts Express from 9 and 3/4 platform number, New Delhi railway station” Devnesh cried.


“What to do?” Before your parent wake up I will have to take you to Hogwarts, early in the evening tomorrow admission will be closed.” Witch said.

After thinking a moment the old woman “An idea...”  She took a magic wand from her pocket, pointed at the carpet and said “Hame-eo-shua”.

Surprise! The carpet floated in the air. The witch and Devnesh mounted on it. It flew faster, through the cloud, counting stars Devnesh sat impatiently, flew above the hills and mountains and landed in front of Hogwarts. The carpet disappeared. At the gate the old woman said “I won’t come inside”


The gate opened, two fairies appeared, and they introduced to Devnesh.

“I am dandelion… I am daisy...” Holding his hand they have taken him to Prof. Dumbledore.


“Welcome Devnesh, but, wizards are permitted to join Hogwarts, being a Mugle you have to pass a test, then I can admit you here”.


“I will take the best” Devnesh said.


“Right corner of Hogwarts, there is a cave. You will have to take a MONKEY”S PAW” from there. Once you take it you will become a wizard and eligible to join here”. Dumbledore added.


Devnesh didn’t want to waste time. He walked towards the cave. On his way he saw Harry potter was playing with his friends on his magic broom aloft. Seeing a small boy at the cave Harry felt something wrong. He landed in front of Devnesh.

“I am Harry potter, where to?” Harry asked.


“I am Devnesh; I will have to take monkey’s paw from the cave”


“Oh, it is dangerous, anyone had gone there never came back, it belongs to Voldmort”.


“Burt I have no choice” Devnesh was determined. “I will have to join Hogwarts at any cost”


After a brief thought Harry said “I will come with, but, don’t tell anyone”. Devnesh agreed.


“Thanks” Devnesh said.


They have entered into the cave.


In the darkness appeared six burning eyes behind a huge iron gate. Three dogs guarding the front gate. The lock resembles a tortoise.

Harry lifted his magic wand and said “HERRORA_AMSIC_YEO” Magic wand lit like a torch, he held it. The narrow lane in the cave was surrounded   by cactus and bushes. Then coming, three dogs, barking. Their eyes were burning like coal, and tongues were very long touching the ground. Barking echoed in the cave roof. Devnesh held Harry’s hand firmly. The dogs were approaching faster. They jumped over the gate. In the roof appeared Harry’s Broom. Both mounted on it flew up straight away landed in front of the main door. Devnesh pushed the door, entered. Then he saw the monkey’s paw shining like gold on a plat form Guarded by a monster, having face of a pig and legs of elephant. Its growl shivered everyone. It approached Harry and Devnesh .n confusion Harry’s magic wand fallen into a crack, he was trying to locate it, while

 Devnesh   ran up through the stairs.


Harry said “Pull the chain” a chain was hanged from the roof; it was too rusted and old.


The monster was approaching Harry. Devnesh   pulled the chain. Suddenly, heard some wheels moving somewhere in the basement.  A spear from the top fallen on the shoulder killing the monster. It passed though its stomach. The monster fallen shaking the cave like a tremor.


Jumped downward, Devenish grabbed the Monkey’s paw. Suddenly a lightning passed through the cave.


When came out of the cave, the whole Hogwarts were waiting outside the cave face. Devnesh has given monkey’s paw to Pro. Dumbledore. An ovation in the crowd.


“Devnesh is a Wizard now” Prof. Dumbledore declared.


“You are welcome to Hogwarts” he said again.


The fairies have given him Hogwarts uniform, Dumbledore has given him a white owl, and Harry has given Devnesh a magic wand. At the gate someone was waiting, he walked towards the gate. The old woman, the witch. She has brought a broom for him, a NIMBUS_2000.

Taken everything along with other wizards Devnesh has walked into Hogwarts.


When he walked through the corridor Devnesh saw Harry was passing through. He approached him and thanked him for the help. Harry smiled and praised him for him bravery. It is for the first time someone taking the monkey’s paw hidden by Voldmort, the man of black magic. Holding his hand Devnesh walked into his class room.

Mist in My Heart  (Poem)

The shower of happiness drizzles again,

Diffusing my memories surfacing  past.

Dipped in tears it painted in my heart

Swelling heart yearned for love turned bright

Drying up tears the eyes are still in wells

Echoing your laughter once woke up my heart

From the abyss of sorrow, no heard

Your budding smiles resembles spring

Fragrance of happened filled those days

Sitting in a corner today I weep

Waiting for a moment to hear the jingles

Once woke up my love and brought dpring in my life


V Bright Saigal

24th Oct.2008

Today’s Joke

While I was a child our neighbors believed that if would be the first person visits any home in the early morning on the first of the month they would have prosperity.

One of our neighbors, one fine morning even before I woke up from sleep taken me to her home in the morning in the beginning of a month.

Then she woke me up. She had kept 3 boiled bananas in her plate and offered me the smallest one.

Suddenly, I had grabbed the bigger banana from the plate and ran away. She chased me, as that banana was exclusively reserved for her.

When I saw her chasing me I started eating without wasting time.

Finally, we started running around her house and I was busy in eating banana.

When she caught me, I had already finished the banana.

Ever since she never invited me for prosperity purpose as she felt that it was a loss making business any way.  

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April-2009 issue
Happy news:

The Philosophy of Governance /Book launched-
 In a system every one should get maximum benefits out of governance, that is every individual’s right. This should be the philosophy of governance. The functioning of the government should resemble that of a human body, a total co-ordination of every selfless organ. Philosophy and empty promises will not fill an empty stomach, but following through on the promises of satisfaction shall be a fulfilling food. 
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The Song of a Wind

 Mischievous wind blown in my heart slowly,

Strewn over the petals of memories you left behind

Weeping heart once again woke up bleeding

From the stupor it followed ever since for long

Life turned vibrant shaking tenderness, dipped in tears

Bashing waves of sorrow thrashed the walls again

Sheen of your smile hailing in my heart; like

The rising sun in the summer dawn ascending

Swinging leaves in rhythm in the breeze teasing me

For sitting alone ruminating vanished days

Life is momentous and vanished in a moment,

Taken the dearest in my heart for good

Stealing a moment I sit here again

Pampering memories you left behind.

V Bright Saigal

12th April 2009

A Vibrant Evening

The stars are vibrant in the sky while the crescent shown veiling a part of its face in the darkness while a comet just flew across the sky and vanished like a naughty child running away snatching something from the stars. A piece of cloud flew from horizon slowly passes through the sky like a sail boat caught in the wind , suddenly, a wind blowing from the sea forcing the leaves swing the buds in the cradle. Filling fragrance in the surroundings it has blown towards me exciting my heart from lull. The ripples slowly woke up in the breeze slowly touched and ran away from the shore. Nocturnal birds are hopping from one tree to another in search of something left behind for them by their comrades of daylight. The horizon in reddish apron still; and this dusk exciting me again.

V Bright Saigal

12th April 2009

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A Breeze in My Heart (Poem)

Pampering heart again blowing in memories

Waking up those jingles of laughter

Echoing in my heart drizzling dreams

Slithering on my deep wound on heart oozing blood

Rhythm of dance in my heart again waking up

Seeing the sheen of love once again

Where you vanished leaving me again tell

Showering fire flies still wandering along my past

Shining stellar system laughing at me again

Come again; grab my sinking soul into oblivion

V Bright Saigal/ 13th Dec.2010

A Meeting (Short story)

The meeting almost over, I was about to pack up.

“Are you to the Airport?” a question from far behind.

“Yes” I turned towards the direction of the voice, bearing an invited smile.

“Me too” enthusiastically dropping the heavy air bag on the floor she sat on it. “The journey was tiring, I can’t stand any more” she said with a sigh of relief.

“You should have come with your husband” I said, teasing her with an appearing smile that I suppressed.

 “I had one definitely, I would have” she smiled. Adding more curiosity in my otherwise; suspicious mind that gruel on every strangers.

“Ho, I am sorry, you look married” I retreat and squealed with guilty feeling.

“Oh, no, I didn’t feel anything; I had to marry long back”

She paused as if her words struck on her throat and choked ---

I observed her eyes wetting slowly when she looking into the abyss of the lowering sun in the horizon.

“What about you?” she, waking up a form of curiosity that hidden somewhere at the bosom in my heart.

 Marriage didn’t knock at my door as yet, I think it won’t”

I said while lit a cigar, then lifted my hat fanned away the rising smoke that slowly dissolved into the atmosphere, again kept the hat on my head.

“Don’t write off like that, who knows you won’t meet someone on your way to home” she laughed louder. The jingles of her laughter woke the one I had lost in my college days, her laughter echoed in my heart like broken glass pieces falling on the floor. The sound of jingles I pampered while she was dancing woke up again, my world was changing…I was diving into my past…where I lost Ellen…my college sweet heart..Now sleeping peacefully somewhere in a British cemetery leaving me plod alone the rest of my life with a bleeding heart that never heal.

But, the moment changed when the stage girl at the Air port laughed and lit a lamp in my heart.

Now, it is ten years that laughter fills my life. During these years we loved, we fought and made a family with two kids. Still her laughter fills my life.

V Bright Saigal

13th Dec.2010.

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